Auto Paint Correction

What Types of Services Do High End Auto Detailing Companies Offer?

If your car has seen better days, or you are looking to get your car spotless before selling it, you may be looking to work with a high end auto detailing service to improve the interior and exterior of your car. Auto detailing can help to get your car clean, but high end auto detailers offer even more services which can help to make your car spotless and perfect, including auto paint correction. Here are some of the services that high end auto detailing services may offer and when they may be needed.

One of the services that high end auto detailing services offer is auto paint correction. Auto paint correction can address minor paint imperfections, including scratches or fading. High end detailers can also help with stains on the interior of your car, working to remove stains from your carpets or seats. Smell removal and germ and bacteria removal is also a service high end auto detailing companies may offer, ultimately helping to remove scents such as cigarette odors or germs and bacteria that may live in your car. Finally, great auto detailing companies can clean your car from the top to the bottom, including cleaning out small all of the nooks, crannies and jambs that are in your car.

If you have dents or dings on your car, or areas of paint are fading, auto paint correction may be needed. A high end auto detailing service offers many services, including auto paint correction services. Here at Ace Mobile Detail, we are proud to offer various detail levels, to help ensure your car gets the TLC it may need. Call us today to discuss your car's needs and what services we recommend.