Interior Detail

Need Auto Carpet Shampooing Completed? Important Factors to Consider

If you are having interior detail work completed on your car, you should ask the detailing company if they also offer carpet shampooing. Carpet shampooing may be offered as part of an interior detail service or may be an additional charge. However, this service can help to remove stains and spots from the seats and floors of your car, as well as sanitize these surfaces. Not all carpet cleaning is the same, so here are a few of the key questions that you will want to ask if you need to have the carpets or seats in your car cleaned.

When you are looking to get interior detail and carpet shampooing completed, one of the questions that you want to ask is what method of shampooing they use. Do they use steam or hot water cleaning? Hot water cleaning takes a little bit longer, but it helps to lift out the most amount of dirt and dust from your car. Another question you should be asking is what types of soaps are being used. If you prefer an eco-friendly soap, you want to find a company that uses an eco-friendly product. If you are looking to sanitize and disinfect your car, you may want to find a company that uses a commercial disinfecting or antibacterial product. Finally, you want to ask the company if they use any pre-treatment products for tough stains. If you have a tough stain you have tried to remove yourself, and it wouldn't budge, you want to ensure the company uses something to pre-treat the stain to get it to lift.

Whether you are looking to have an interior detail service that includes or excludes carpet shampooing, Ace Mobile Detail can help you. Contact us today and let us get the inside of your car sparkling clean.