Professional Auto Detailing

What You Need to Know About Professional Auto Detailing and COVID-19 Sanitation

Many essential workers, including grocery store employees, nurses, and mailmen are worried about exposing their family to COVID-19 germs that they themselves may have been exposed to. As such, these employees often change clothes, shower and thoroughly wash their hands before interacting with their families. However, one of the places that COVID-19 may live is in your car. This is why you should consider working with a professional auto detailing service that offers COVID-19 sanitation services before allowing your children or your family in your car after you have worked a shift.

It is estimated that COVID-19 can live on certain surfaces for as long as a week. There are a variety of materials and different surface types that can be present in a car, including metal, cloth, leather and plastic. Wiping down the handle of your car door and the steering wheel can be a start to disinfecting your car, but the virus itself may still be present in the fibers of your seat or on the carpets of your floors. This is where COVID-19 sanitation services, offered by a professional auto detailing company can come into play. They can use a combination of heat and antibacterial products to kill the virus on any surface in your car, ensuring your vehicle is safe to transport your family in.

At Ace Mobile Detail, we know that COVID-19 is at the forefront of everyone's mind, and everyone wants to protect their family. This is why our professional auto detailing company offers COVID-19 sanitation services for your vehicle. If you have had the virus or may carry the virus in your car, let us clean your car before you allow your children or family members to enter your car, ensuring it is sanitized and germ-free.